Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Upcoming Mini-Workshops

This summer is starting to fill up with mini-workshop... and I think I like it!

I will be teaching two hour classes at these events:

Gen Con Indy -- August 16 - 19
I will be at the Cool Mini Or Not booth running product demos for Secret Weapon all weekend. This is going to be done cooking show style with a camera and big screen TV.

NOVA Open -- August 30 - September 2
I will be teaching 2 hour classes all weekend. We're working out the schedule now but I will be teaching my hands-on with pigments class, basing, and intro to airbrushing. There might be other topics including my two hour "everything weathering" demo.

Rio Grande Wars --  October 19 - 21
Another weekend filled with two hour mini-workshops.

I'm still waiting on the details for actual class times but these events are on the calendar and I'll be there.

If you have a Secret Weapon t-shirt remember to get your photo taken with me -- it's good for a $10 gift voucher!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Studio McVey: Pan - Basing

Studio McVey makes some of the most amazing models on the market - and I've been waiting to make time to paint their Pan for a very, very long time. This weekend I finally made some time to get the base started.

At this point I'm waiting for the water to dry in a natural furrow in an olive wood block. The block has been lightly stained ebony to darken it a bit - and I've added soil, brass ferns, and tree stumps (from Secret Weapon) to create a more full scene.

I'll check on the base when the water is dry, add some detail to it, and then start looking to add a bit more foliage to the "wet" area.