Friday, August 24, 2012


This is a plug. It is a shameless, shameless plug.

For those that don't already know I have largely ducked out of production at Secret Weapon Miniatures and handed it over to a Production Manager -- David Parigini. David came to Secret Weapon Miniatures while looking for part time work after leaving his full-time corporate job to write a novel.

A novel which he has since finished.

It's a good novel, if I may say so... and I am a picky reader.

He now has a developmental editor, and typesetter, standing by to help him turn it into a great novel. But he needs help. More specifically he needs money.

And so this is a plug for his Kickstarter.

Help a good man self-publish a great novel.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Build Me An Army!

I’ve recently launched a list building contest with the help of my friends from the Screaming Heretic Podcast and  Mathieu Fontaine.

With the help of the incredible crew at Screaming Heretic,  Mathieu and I will each chose a list to build, paint, and play. We are looking for a 1750 list that can be scaled to 2000 points with new additions -- not two separate lists. I will also favor a list that gives me a 1000 point option with little or no model swapping between the 1750 and 2000 point versions.

We both love the GW fluff,  the 40k universe, and how it is portrayed by Games Workshop and its incredible team of artists. Sticking to this will be your first step in gaining our vote. Blood Angels are bloodthirsty rampaging Space Marine so do not expect us to chose your shooty list of red marines. The classic argument of “it’s in the book so I can do it” does not mean anything to us. So make sure to represent the fluffy theme of an army when sending in a list.

We want a composition that is well balanced, fun to play, and perhaps a bit challenging. Wiping the table with our opponent while eating a falafel is no fun. In fact we do not mind losing as long as the army is fun to play with. Effectively if you send in a Draego-wing list one of us is going to hunt you down and pee on your keyboard.

The crew from Screaming Heretics will be evaluating your submissions over the next few episodes. Mathieu and I will both select our winning list in mid/end November. Note that there is no sure win here. Both Justin and I will be choosing a list based on our personal preferences.

You can see Mathieu's preferences on his blog (new window).

Here are my preferences.

- I prefer plastic models. I’ll take a Finecast character but…

- Character is key for me  – but I enjoy character models as much as I do armies with character. An army that comes with a fluffy background is just easier for be to get excited about. If it has a fluffy background AND specialized models it's already awesome. Forge World casts are acceptable as well.

- The army must include at least some vehicles but doesn’t have to rely on them.

The “no thank you” armies:
- Tyranids

- Infantry heavy Eldar or Dark Eldar armies – I like the vehicles and support models but don’t really like the infantry options for either army.

- Chaos Demons – I love the models but don’t want to paint 1,000,000 static models for my army.

The “Top 3″ armies:
- Chaos – Chaos Space Marine and Renegade armies are always welcome.

- Classic Space Marines – as in an army with characters that would give me an excuse to have a lot of Forge World armor kits on hand.

- Witch Hunters – I’m holding out for plastic Sisters… but if you can come up with an Inquisition army that’s playable you’ll have my attention. Allies are acceptable but shouldn’t be the main thrust of the army.

All the lists have to be sent directly to the Screaming Heretic crew at

The prizes!
Mathieu will be giving away a brand new Omni 4000 airbrush from Badger (retail value of $145).

I will be giving a $100 gift certificate from Secret Weapon -- and by the time the contest closes well have Badger airbrushes available on the site....

Let's see what you have!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August "ask misterjustin" Delayed

Hey folks, just a quick note to say that the next live broadcast "ask misterjustin" segment will be delayed until Wednesday 8-August. It will air at its normal time, 4 PM Pacific (GMT-8) and stream to the Secret Weapon blog.

If you have a question you'd like answered you can leave a comment here or join in on the live chat feed during the broadcast.