I offer full-day and weekend long workshops that can cover a wide range of demonstration and hands-on topics including:

Weathering with pigments
Weathering with salt, sponge, oils, pencils and more
Basing - basic to advanced
Airbrush basics
Color modulation
Quick detailing
Super detailing
... and much, MUCH more!

Geoff Hummel of the Independent Characters podcast said, of a one day weathering workshop, "This was seriously the best hobby seminar I’ve ever had the fortune of participating in."

You can read more his take on one of the half-day demonstration workshops at the Independent Characters blog:

A workshop runs $200/day. Workshops more than 25 miles from Sacramento, California need to include airfare or mileage. There is a maximum of 20 students for most classes. Some topics will have additional costs for materials - but this is usually a nominal amount ($20-50).

I am also available for one-on-one mini-workshops or private practice. This can be done face-to-fave or via Skype. Virtual workshops require all participants to have a HD webcam and high speed internet connection. Cost varies by time and topic. Please email me for details.

For local shops and Secret Weapon retailers I am also available to do short 1-2 hours product demonstrations such as a basic introduction to the Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments.

If you are interested in coordinating a workshop please send an email to misterjustin AT Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Mini-Workshop @ Kubla Con, 2011

Descriptions for my four most commonly requested workshops follow:

Hands-On With Weathering Pigments
Justin "misterjustin" McCoy, founder of Secret Weapon miniatures, will introduce participants to weathering pigments and give them an opportunity to use pigments to weather a class exclusive 50mm base. Topics will include:

* What is a pigment
* What to look for when you buy
* Pigment weathering vs. painting
* HANDS-ON rust weathering
* HANDS-ON brick and dirt weathering
* Mud and muck weathering
Airbrushing Miniatures (Demo)
Justin "misterjustin" McCoy, founder of Secret Weapon miniatures, will cover a wide range of airbrushing topics for models in this demonstration class on a figurine and 28mm vehicle. Topics will include:

* Basic equipment
  a. airbrush
  b. compressor
  c. cleaning bottle
  d. cleaning station
* Paint brands
  a. vs. size of nozzle
* Thinning paint
* Vehicles
  a. Colour modulation
  b. Weathering
* Infantry
  a. Speed painting
  b. Detail painting
  c. Smooth transitions
* Cleaning and maintaining your airbrush

Basing Your Models (Demo)
Justin "misterjustin" McCoy, founder of Secret Weapon miniatures, will  share some of the techniques he has used to make hundreds of display, and gaming bases, from 20mm singles to army display boards, in this two hour demonstration class. Topics will include:

* Display vs. gaming - approach
* Display vs. gaming - materials
* Theme
* Composition
* Order of application
* Painting, pigments, and scenics

Weathering Techniques (Demo)
Justin "misterjustin" McCoy, founder of Secret Weapon miniatures, will spend (2-4 hours depending on the situation) introducing participants to a wide range of weathering techniques working as quickly as he can to cover:

* Order of application
* Acrylic paint techniques (sponge, salt, hairspray, etc.)
* Weathering pigments
* Pencils
* Oil paints
* Enamels