Monday, January 28, 2013

Marder III M - Continued

I'm finally working on the detailing and finishing... and there's nothing quite like a camera to help you find the spots that need to be touched-up. In particular the (unfinished) gun return, and the shell storage.

But I'm very happy with how the radio turned out, although you can't see the metallic sheen in these photos, and that I managed to get the tiny headset built and positioned without losing my mind. Of course none of this would be complete without cracked leather seats!

I still have a lot of finishing to do, more detailing, weathering, the road wheels and tracks, and a bit of stowage. I do hope to have it finished in the first week of February though.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Marder III M Ausf.

The initial colour modulation on a Dragon Smart Kit - Marder III M Ausf. I need to clean it up a bit, but it will get muted by filters, chipping, and a small amount of dried mud.

Only the port panel is glued in place -- the starboard panel, gun, gun carriage, gun shield, and rear panel are all loose fitted. You can see some orange tac in the bottom right photo.

Lots to do...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weathering Masterclass - Sherbrooke, Quebec

I can finally announce officially, that I will be joining Mathieu Fontaine for his Masterclass II, which will be held on March 2-3 in Sherbrooke, Qu├ębec. This will truly be the most epic Masterclass I've ever done. I will be teaching the Sunday portion of the class on weathering with pigments as well as other weathering techniques. I will also be present on Saturday to lend a hand, so you will be getting two teachers for the price of one for the entire weekend. During this class, you’ll be exposed to two ways of thinking in terms of painting and weathering. Bring a notebook...

This class will be a once in a lifetime experience. Do not expect it to be recreated since I doubt that any of the circumstances will ever be right again. Sunday will therefore be in English but Mathieu will be there to translate to French if need be.

So jump on this opportunity for the greatest Masterclass II ever. You are getting two professionals from the industry at your disposal for an entire weekend.  Part of the crew from Screaming Heretic podcast will also be present. I can guarantee you that there won’t be a dull moment during the entire weekend.
So if you have not reserved a spot yet for the class do it now. It should fill up fast. For information or registration contact Mathieu directly at or through the contact form on his blog. Do not forget that his Masterclass I is also offered on the previous weekend of February 23-24.

In the meantime, keep painting....