Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tamiya 1/35 Sherman M4A3

This model was painted largely as an excuse to work with the flexible sandbags (THEY ARE AWESOME!) and try my hand at tying tiny, tiny knots.

The weathering was done using Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments as washes. This let me get a nice, rippled look of once wet dust. What you see in the picture, below, was largely washed away and only existed as a backdrop for the more recent dust.

Overall I'm very happy with the kit and how it came together. I've already found a couple of little things to tweak - like the misplaced rope under the bottom ditching log starboard side.

I'll take this with me to the Yuba City and Sacramento IPMS Regional shows this year.

This is a look at the color modulation, and forced focus, prior to weathering and filters. The finished effect is MUCH more subtle and really works as a whole.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zombie Truck - Nearly Finished

This is the "Pick Up w/Equipment" from Meng models - and I actually purchased the kit simply to get my hands on the stowage that comes with it. When PoweredPlay started offering ready to go lighting kits I decided I had to try one as soon as possible -- and so was born this fun little project!

I kept the cab empty so that I wouldn't have to worry about where to put the wires, but the module is so small it would have worked if I'd just left out the engine. The hood comes off so that I can fiddle with things, but I also put the battery under the stand so I can just disconnect it.

The lights are incredibly bright -- enough so that they're clearly visible despite the fact that I have two 100 watt daylight bulbs shining in these photos!

The kit, and the lighting, were a real treat to work with -- and I'll try to get some finished shots up in the near future. I still need to do a bit of weathering, and then hide those wires!