Sunday, February 16, 2014

IPMS Hobby Expo 2014

The first show of the year net me five wins at the IPMS Hobby Expo in Petaluma, CA:

Gold - Dioramas - "Castle in the Sky"
Gold - Automobiles - Landscaping Truck
Silver - Figures, Fantasy - Ruby
Silver - Figures, Historical - Japanese Bust
Bronze - Automobiles - Oldsmobile 442 Junker

The automobiles category was a surprise for me, as I never would have guessed that judges would rank my landscaping truck ahead of my junked 442. I'm certainly not complaining about taking two trophies in a category, but I was certainly surprised by the results. When I got the bronze for the 442 I figured that was it for me -- and when they called me back I had no idea what it could be for.

Let me add that the Hobby Expo was, without question, probably the best single day event I've ever attended. It was very well organized, had an INCREDIBLE showing (easily 300-400+ models!), a lot of displays, and other clubs -- such as the 501st Garrison, Astro Mech makers, and lots of prop builders -- in attendance.

And now... back to the hobby table so I can get some painting updates posted.