Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weathered Interior - Sentinel

Most tanks have an white or off-white gloss interior to help make it easier to see in the close confines of the cabin. For my open door Sentinel I decided to add a slightly greenish tint to the white to give it a more aged look.

I started by giving the interior a solid coat of Vallejo "Hull Red." I followed this with a thick layer of hairspray and a light dusting of extra fine sea salt. After hitting the salt and hairspray with the blow dryer for a bit to ensure it was dry I used Vallejo "US Light Grey" and Vallejo "Green Grey" and hit it with the blow dryer again.

After using a soft brush to pick off the salt I came back with a stiff brush and hit the doors and starboard interior for some heavier weathering as these are the areas that will be visible through the open door.

I still need to pick out some additional detailing but you can see how it's going to come together now. The image on the right shows the area most visible through the open doors.

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