Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weathered Sentinel - First Weathering

Given how often I paint over-weathered Sentinels for my workshops it's nice to be scaling things back for this one. This is my take on heavy weathering on a model that isn't a rusted, abandoned hulk.

I still need to do the legs but doing just these small sections took about 1.5 hours today as I'm working slowly and carefully. That's a big difference when compared to the 4 hour workshop model that goes from primer to display cabinet at the shop! At this point I probably have another 1.5 hours of hairspray chipping to do on the legs before I move on.

The bottom photo shows the complete composition, without the plinth, including a ladder I built and a close-up of the drilled out suppressor on the autocannon. Good times.


  1. This is looking great Justin. I am loving the opened door.

  2. Delightful work. Might I ask for an advisory on ladder construction? My initial theory is wire or plasticard for the large frame, then smaller pieces drilled and glued into that as rungs, but I'd rather be sure!

  3. @Sagnid: Many thanks. Now that I can see the interior against the exterior I'd like to have done it differently of course :)

    @Pete: The ladder was easy! You can pick up 1:48 scale ladder from Plastruct. I picked up a 12" length of the stuff, measured the height to the door added 1 rung for the middle bend and then the length again for the other side. After that I marked the height to the door on the plastic and removed all but the bottom rung on the back with a hobby knife. Then I held the section to be bent up against a 100 watt lamp for about 10 seconds and bent it into shape against a ruler so I had a flat edge :)