Monday, December 19, 2011

Dragon Bust - Maybe, Maybe Not....

At this point I've come in with the start of some blended blue shading to help tie the colours on the model together. I'm not entirely sold on it but as there's a LOT of highlighting and shading still to do I'm not going to panic.


I've done a few layers in the mouth with a heavy wash just to help me identify the pits in the surface. The interior of his mouth is heavily textured and I didn't want to be hunting for the details.

Unfortunately you can see a big blob of flesh paint on his lip that I totally missed. But, again, I'm not going to panic.


I just need to focus on the aspects of the work I still like and continue to build on that.

And I can always panic later.


  1. I think it's looking great so far - love the light blue scales on its throat and how you have brought in some blue shades here and there in its face.

    So keep it up, no need to panic!

  2. Thanks - I'm trying to let it play out and see how it comes together.