Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NOCF Charity Models - Marneus Calgar & Honor Guard

I am happy to be participating a bit more directly with the NOCF charity army projects this year -- with a set of painted models, in addition to the support of Secret Weapon Miniatures.

They have posted a WIP page for all of the army builds, so you can see exactly how things are coming together in real time.

I only have good things to say about the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, and the money they raise for charity. Money raised through the raffle goes directly to the charities, and you get a chance to win your choice of several incredible armies. There are also weekly drawings -- including several Secret Weapon gift vouchers.

Check it out - and then give them your money!



  1. What a joy to see these secret weapon miniatures. It is really encouraging working for the army project. It is a way of charity and also earning some gift vouchers. Thank you for putting up this post.

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