Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scenic Base for Warhammer Steam Tank

In 2009 I started painting an Empire Steam Tank from Games Workshop. I loved the model and I loved the idea. I was also surprised that every single Warhammer Fantasy vehicle model I've seen has been reasonably clean and unweathered... and so I decided to change that.

Fast forward to 2011 and I never finished the tank. In fact I just pulled off the side panels and stripped them so I could redo the body.

But today I decided to knock out a scenic display base for the model and I'm happy with how it's starting to come together. I'm going to add plenty of mud and then another layer of leaf litter before I'm finished.

The frame is basswood and the base is celluclay and wood filler over foam. The goal is to create a muddy, fall scene in the midst of a protracted battle.


  1. The tracks left by the wagon wheels are looking amazing. Just a basic concept that I sadly do not see people model. Well done Justin.

  2. Wow, I'm surprised you can even SEE the runnels left by the wheels. They're an integral part of the story though as I want this to be muddy. In addition to sculpted mud I've added plenty of Realistic Water to make them look nice and wet. When I do the rest of the mud I'll make a point of leaving enough open area between wet areas and the runnels to help them stand out.

  3. I love the tracks as well. This really looks great! I love watching how your hobby has evolved. We'll see how close I can match your command chimera!

  4. Thanks. This has been a fun one for me as I can see how I weathered and airbrushed the tank two years ago -- and it was already on a display base. It was... much different :)

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