Saturday, April 28, 2012

1:100 Destroyed Sherman

I didn't realize just how much I had missed painting tanks until I was working my way through my second Manhattan, and still painting, about an hour after I'm normally asleep.

I am very happy with how the finished piece came together -- especially as it only represents about four hours of actual working time from start to photos.

The model is from the "Flames of War" line - although I added the tarp and wood. The tufts are from MiniNatur and the flowering tufts were custom made.

I might still go back and add a bit more of the Dark Yellow and Violet pigments (from Secret Weapon, of course!) but I don't want to lose any of the very soft dust effect I managed to achieve.

I will aim to get more photos of this piece taken with a better camera as my little PowerShot ELPH always makes things look flat -- even under the daylight lamps and against a decent background. Alas.

I'm going to allow myself to paint one figurine to paint for every two tanks in progress -- which means I can keep practicing my French style for figurines while not allowing my weathering and tank painting skills to get so rusty (no pun intended).

And now it's time to dig through my bins and find another tank!

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  1. What did you use for the leafy foliage? At that scale I'm scratching my head to think of what was used. I like the use of clump grass, mini-boards, and the drop cloth on the hull. Definitely lovely work.

    I just got a 2nd Armoured Division army box in the mail yesterday that I plan to work on (after I finish up about 20 Infinity figs). Any suggestions for non-FoW/Vallejo colors to sub in for US late war tanks/infantry?

  2. The leafy foliage is a custom clump done as a test piece.

    As for non-Vallejo colors for FoW stuff... no clue. These models are actually the only reason I still have Vallejo paint in my kit :)