Sunday, January 5, 2014

Commission: Hello Kitty Supra GT

I don't take on a lot of commissioned projects these days, but when my friends at Powered Play told me they were releasing a new light rig for car kits, and that they wanted me to do a Hello Kitty themed car for them... well... I just couldn't say no.

Now I haven't painted a pristine vehicle since... I honestly can't remember when. But I love Hello Kitty, I like the people involved, and I was glad for an opportunity to use some techniques that I don't generally get to play with. For instance:

I've known HOW to use a mask to create a carbon fiber effect, but I've never had a reason to try it.

Of course the hood on the kit is part of the body - which means that I now have to mask it off, and hope I don't mess it up, while I'm painting the rest of the car.

And the rest of the car will transition from a dark purple metallic in the front, to a bright metallic pink in the back. Because I can. I'll use masks to put Hello Kitty on the doors, tail, and on the hood.

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