Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dragon Marder III M Ausf. -- Build

In between painting sessions on the Warlord StuG I have been building this Marder III M Ausf. from the Dragon Smart Kit line.

At 1/35 it is substantially larger than the pieces I have been posting recently -- nearly double the length of the StuG, and the Flames of War wreck would nearly fit in the engine compartment.

At this stage I spent more time building the engine that I did on the StuG from start-to-finish. That engine has something like 60 parts, including a lot of brass etch you'll never see, and had to be built and painted before I moved on.

I put the port side compartment in place even though it means I won't be able to paint a few of the tiny details -- but I'm leaving the starboard side off so that I can properly detail the radios and get it all painted.

I have started work on the hull texture but forgot to get the inside of the gun carriage compartment -- OOPS! Fortunately this space will be much less visible when the model is put together. Because I forgot on this side I will intentionally skip the texturing on the other when I start work on it.

Given that this tank includes individually linked tracks I will probably still be building it even after the next model is completely finished. Because of that I usually have three projects in the works at any time -- a build, a detail, and a paint. These days I'm doing two tanks and one figurine. So now that the StuG is finished, and this is my detail project, I need to dig through my projects and find the next tank....

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