Friday, May 25, 2012

Dragon StuG III Ausf. B - SO CLOSE!

The display base isn't going to happen. Alas. I do have a nice ebony oval for the competition, but I simply didn't have time to finish the breakfasting Germans to my satisfaction. I'm a bit disappointed but, in the end, still quite happy with the model that I will be taking to the competition.

I get a lot of well deserved flack for "over weathering" my vehicles. I really enjoy creating extreme weathering -- whether it's a long abandoned tank or one recently destroyed -- and I really enjoyed going back to something simpler.

This was a straight forward, no frills, no detailing build with just a few after market accessories. The ditch beams are scratch built from basswood and coloured with oil paints and pigments. The food stowage, to compliment the breakfast crew, is from Verlinden. The rest of the stowage, with the exception of the scratch built tread pins, in the spare road wheels, came stock with the kit.

There's more work to do on this tank when it comes home on Monday -- but in the interim it's ready for the competition and I'm happy with what I'll be taking.

I'll post some better pics when I get back.

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