Friday, May 4, 2012

Warlord StuG III - Progress

I'm probably 6-8 hours into this project at this point - and I can see the end. I need to finish detailing - such as the shovel on the model and the bits, like the white tool box, in the last photo - and then do the next round of pigments. I'm also going to make the razor wire coils much less red, of course.

The base will get a bit more snow, mostly to soften the edges of the current piles, and a bit more Realistic Water in spots.

I'm debating a filter over the side panels as well. Although I'm reasonably happy with the weathering, as I wanted it to be heavy, I think the colour transitions are a bit stark. Pigments might be the answer but if that doesn't do it I'll go for a wash filter.

I added some small conversion detail -- such as the bent side skirt panel on the port side, the missing panel on the starboard side, and the toolbox, razor wire, and posts to the back. I also added some subtle details to the base -- for instance the branch on the port side extends across the tread rut and there are tiny bits of broken wood floating in the puddle where the tank would have pulverized it.

For now I need to wait for the second coat of mud to dry on the road wheels and skirts. A layer also went on the hull before the skirts went on.

After that... pigments.

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