Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kubla Con 2012

I'm back from Kubla Con 2012 with trophies! All three of my entries managed to place and my "Happy Monk" took the People's Choice award this year.

I got some great advice from a couple of the judges after the show and I'll have some better models to show next year.

StuG III Ausf. B - Dragon Models - Gold
CMON voting link

Old Japanese Man Bust - Silver
CMON voting link

Happy Monk - Silver & People's Choice
CMON voting link

And I've already ordered the model for my next competition vehicle....


  1. What kind of advice did the judges give you on the StuG?

    Also, while it's obviously too late for a step by step on the tank, what kind of techniques were involved in painting it? How much of it is airbrush, oils, or good old brushed on acrylics?

  2. The judges didn't have any advice for me on the StuG - which is probably why it got the only gold.

    As for techniques - with the exception of some detailing all of the painting was airbrushed. If you're doing large models you MUST have an airbrush. Otherwise oils played a part in panel lines, colour filter, etc. And pigments, of course, lots of pigments.

  3. Also, I should have mentioned this in my first post: Congratulations on the awards!

    For a beginner airbrush, do you still recommend the Harbor Freight set?

    What brand of oil paints do you use?

  4. Thanks - these are my first awards :)

    I do still recommend the Harbor Freight set - it's not a good airbrush but it's a fair place to start. You'll want to upgrade the moment you have the basics down.

    And I use several brands of oil based on the colour -- most have a "series 2" or "series 3" and you'll want that. Basically if you see three prices for the same colour... buy the expensive one. You'll only ever need to do it once and you want the quality pigment.

  5. What oil colors would you recommend?

    I know in the Forge World Masterclass Vol. 1 they use burnt umber and black, are there other specific colors worth picking up?

  6. Burnt Umber
    Burnt Sienna
    Raw Sienna
    Black (Mars/Lamp/etc.)
    Payne's Grey
    Phthalo Green
    Prussian Blue
    Cadmium Yellow
    Titanium White
    Cadmium Red