Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tutorial: Hull Texture - German Steel Plating

 Several people have asked me how I created the steel plating texture for my StuG III Ausf. B and so I put together this quick and easy video tutorial.

I am also working with Secret Weapon Miniatures to bring back the "ask misterjustin" series as a monthly video tutorial segment -- so stay tuned for more on that front... and get your questions ready! Ideally I will be answering viewer submissions every month as I seem to be much better about producing tutorials when I know that someone actually wants to see them. Go figure, right?


  1. My pleasure - and there will be more tutorials like this in the future.

  2. Could thinned liquid greenstuff or Vallejo 401 putty be used instead of the thinned Squadron white putty?

  3. I know that liquid greenstuff is out -- but I haven't played with Vallejo 401 yet. You really need a plastic putty that can be thinned. You only need a light, thin layer to get the texture you're looking for and most fillers are too thick to begin with.